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Console commands

Table of contents

Create a User

We have added a few console commands to make is easy to generate users using the Symfony console


bin/console silverback:api-components:user:create new_username
bin/console silverback:api-components:user:create new_username password
bin/console silverback:api-components:user:create new_admin --admin
bin/console silverback:api-components:user:create new_super_admin --super-admin
bin/console silverback:api-components:user:create disabled_user --inactive
bin/console silverback:api-components:user:create existing_username --overwrite

If you do not provide all the required parameters, the command will prompt you for answers. However, you will not be prompted for any of the optional flags (e.g. admin, super-admin, inactive or overwrite).

Purge form cache

Because the database entity will not update when you update the Symfony form php files, you can run this command to update the last modified timestamp in the database which will purge caches. This usually will not be required because when you re-deploy your application, caches are usually purged.

bin/console silverback:api-components:form-cache-purge

Expire refresh tokens

You can run a command to expire user refresh tokens. If you do not provide a username, all refresh tokens will be expired. If you do not provide a username database field, this will default to username

bin/console silverback:api-components:refresh-tokens:expire
bin/console silverback:api-components:refresh-tokens:expire username
bin/console silverback:api-components:refresh-tokens:expire username database_field

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