User Login

Because the login process serves a JWT Refresh token, this must be done by your front-end server-side application and authenticated using an API Token.

Login Form

You can create a Form component which references a pre-configured Symfony Form for logins Silverback\ApiComponentsBundle\Form\Type\User\UserLoginType. This adds a hidden field _action which is an absolute URL to the API’s login endpoint for JWT authentication. It also has a some defaults set on the form that your front-end application can read:

    'attr' => [
        'id' => 'login_form',
        'novalidate' => 'novalidate',
    'action' => '/login',
    FormSubmitHelper::FORM_REALTIME_VALIDATE_DISABLED => true,
    FormSubmitHelper::FORM_API_DISABLED => true,

The action is pre-set and will call your front end’s /login endpoint instead of calling the API because 'api_disabled' => true. We also let the front-end application know that this form should not put in real-time verification requests with 'realtime_validate_disabled' => true. A couple of HTML attributes are defined for your convenience too.

You can create this component as you would create any other form component, but it does require that you have not disabled the in-built form component.

        form: true # <-- this is the default value

It is the application’s responsibility to save the refresh token server-side and refresh the token when appropriate.

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